Message from our CEO

"With the aim of becoming the innovative leader in the industry"

Since establishment in 1956, with our customer's support, we Parfan, have been taking the path of ladies' innerwear maker by OEM manufacturing. And we established THAI PARFAN Co., Ltd in Thailand in 2002 as a future global strategic point and we have been pursued our goals of being the innovative leader whose management quality against external reputation on market, social position etc. is rated high. We will continue to aim the management rich in creativity to produce innovative product and technology. With each of staff's at Parfun group knowledge, power and courage, we will purse the management which assists self-actualization in achieving and we will build a strong management culture. As THAI PARFAN Co., Ltd, we will achieve the organization that aims to have correct value judgment, be a group which preforms and thinks well and develop human resources. We will strive to live up to the customer's expectations

President and CEO  Hidekazu Fujii

Strengthen of Parfun

About "Women's beauty" we create

The beauty regarding innerwear is regarded as not only the appearance beauty but also the "features" of moisture absorbency・sweat absorbency・moisture retaining property and "comfort "of fit or texture should be included to make a real "beauty". Parfun has dedicated our pursuits to innerwear since its establishment.。We all staff have always a dream of "seeking ladies' beauty" and we have been refining sensitivity and trying hard to improve the technology. Flexible mindset and prominent technology. We take advantage of them to meet the needs of women who live in the present....... We keep supporting women's beauty through delicate product of innerwear.

Origin of company name

The name of company is derived from our former founder's name, Kaoru Fujii. "Kaoru", meaning "pleasant fragrance", is "PARFUM" in French. This term was arranged to "PARFUN" befitting a ladies innerwear company.

Corporate Logo

The round and soft design represents ladies innerwear planning and production company which harmonizes well with former CEO, current CEO, all staff and customers. This logo designing is showing the "Beauty of heart" with the image of round, soft and connected.